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Anonymous: Uhm, I was kind of thinking, maybe you could give me some advise... I am in love with an adorable guy, but well... 1) I'm 15, he's 19, 2) I barely get to see him (only at some events I'm going to and sometimes he shows up at school, even though he already left 2 years ago, 3) I'm barely speaking with him, because I'm pretty awkward and stuff and I'm just going insane. I'm not sure when I'll see him again, and it might even take until June... Do you know anything I should do?

Yes ask if someone knows him, get his full name add him on Facebook tell him
you saw him a couple of times and had to talk to him because you thought you’d guys get along.. Then talk to him daily and tell him after a month that you’ve always had feelings for him x

Anonymous: I'm so in love with a guy called Matteo, he lives in the same city I live but he's a little bit far from me. We both live in Italy and I'm just not enough for him, I'm sad for this bc I'm so fucking in love! Gosh. I want to be prettier and loved

I get you babe, please believe that a guy can love you. If you think omg he won’t like me he looks so good why would he look at me, no guy will look at you. But if you believe that a hot guy can actually like you.. Trust me he’ll like you! Be positive, I hope you guys get together! You’re amazing! xxxx


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darkisthenewlightnow: I haven't seen you blog for ages its good to see you back. Keep strong we're all here for you.

I know I reblog like 3 posts a day now! I’m so busy with school and etc and I just have no time to share my feelings make gifs talk to my followers and be active which sucks, but I’ve got lovely followers and I can’t just leave them love you, thanks for the lovely message and for noticing! xoxo

Anonymous: Okay so my crush just broke up with his gf and I've been in love with him for over 2 years now and I really wanna hug him and tell him things will be alright and tell him to take his car and pick me up so we can drive somewhere and talk while watching the stars

Omg that’s the sweetest thing ever! You must tell him!!!! Tell him you have feelings for him and you’re willing to wait till he gets over his ex so you guys could be together

Anonymous: Hey dear I just saw you're post that we can talk to you... So ... I was verbally an kind of physically abused by my first boyfriend and he was unfaithful ... So I have big trust issues and yeah... I am in an relationship with someone again now since a few months, but I really can't calm down. I have panic attacks if he texts with other girls or simply comments they made on pics... I don't know what to do anymore I can't tell him to end his friendships but I am really at the end I don't know :,(

Hey honey, it’s very natural. when we love someone sometimes we get jealous in specific situations, it’s normal and it’s fine! Just try and relax, if he truly loves you he’ll stay faithful to you! If not then well.. his loss! Don’t feel bad about getting jealous when other girls text him and etc, just try and enjoy the moment and don’t think about how’s it going to end and that he’s probably going to cheat on you, just don’t think about it, he loves you and that’s what’s important! Love you xo

Anonymous: Heyyy how are you today? ♡

I’m great, you love? x

If you need advice or someone to talk to message me I’m here for you! It doesn’t have to be something sad, you can tell me about your day xo

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